Powder Coating with Electrical Conductivity Properties for Application During the Manufacturing Process (In-Mould Coating)

Technology Overview

This technology consists of the formulation of powder gel coat with electrical conductivity properties. With this coating, a surface resistance of 104-105 Ω∙cm is achieved.

The powder gel coating formulation can be adapted to different process parameters and the characterization of coated pieces will be conducted through different tests to ensure the final quality.

Technology Features & Specifications

It facilitates the subsequent painting of composite parts, acting as a first conductor facilitating the application of electrostatic painting / electrostatic baths. The main advantages of the application of this type of coating are:

  • Elimination of VOCs due to the application of powder gel coat (The technology avoids the use of solvents in the painting process of composites parts.) 
  • Reduction of curing cycles and therefore, reduction of manufacturing cycles of product in composites. (Curing temperature around 130ºC, in 15 minutes based on laboratory tests.)

Potential Applications

Several potential applications can be defined in sectors such as aerowind (wind mill), aeronautical and automotive parts.

Customer Benefits

Designing of customised solutions based on the study of different products, adaptation of the powder gel coat formulation to preferred process parameters and the characterisation of coated parts by means of different tests to ensure the final quality.

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