Power Measurement System

Technology Overview

The technology offer presents a simple and easy to install power measurement system, which can be retrofitted onto the cranksets of bicycles. Power measurement system is beneficial for measuring and translating cycling effort into power output data. The power performance provides a good understanding and assessment of cycling performance, allowing cyclists to train more efficiently to improve their performances. It can also be used in electric bicycles to determine when power assist should be activated. It can further be used on bicycles with automatic transmission systems to determine when a gear shift should be engaged.

Power measurement system is widely used by competitive cyclists and electric bicycles. There is a variety of such products in the market. This system offers the convenience of retrofitting onto existing cranksets. The sensor elements are mounted between the crank arm and chain ring of the crankset, differing from the conventional mounting of pedaling monitor sensors and transmitter available in the market.

The system consists of both mechanical and electronic components. The electronic components and circuit allow for the measuring and transmitting of the analog signals into digital power output values.

Technology Features & Specifications

The system is simple and easy to retrofit onto the crankset of a bicycle. It includes an electronic package to track and transmit signals into meaningful torque readings.


The sensor elements exhibits flexibility in installation configurations, in which it can be an integrated whole body or separated into individual sensor elements


The components of the system can also be employed in different configuration variations for distinctive strain measurements

Potential Applications

In Sports

  • Cycling enthusiasts
  • Triathletes


In Healthcare (Physical therapy treatment for patients)

  • Arm Machines
  • Peddlers/steppers


Market Trends and Opportunities

The global projection for bicycle industry is expected to reach US$65B by 2019. There is an increasing number of people picking up cycling as a form of fitness and recreational activity. In addition, cycling is the biggest single sports category, accounting for around 13% of the global world sporting goods market. These indicate significant potential growth and opportunities in the power measurement system market for cyclists who want to improve their performance.

Customer Benefits

  • Easy to install and retrofit onto the crankset of bicycles
  • Varying configurations of measurement system can be employed to achieve more accurate and relevant results
  • Effective tracking and measuring of torque and power output by cyclists
  • Improve cycling performance by conducting data analysis of collected power performance

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