Power Your KYC Solutions & Analytics Platforms

Technology Overview

Augment your internal systems and data with our wealth of official corporate data. From private companies data to capital markets information, our data comes from official corporate registries - Harness this potential of on-demand access to comprehensive corporate data through our real-time APIs for your workflow and systems. Conveniently extract, transform or load private company and capital market data into your systems for immediate use. With our real-time customisable APIs, you can choose to obtain the granular data fields you desire for processes. Increase the reach and flexibility of your KYC solutions to your clients with our data coverage. From vendor compliance checks to financial counterparty checks, allow our data to optimise your platform, enhancing its screening capability for your userbase.

Technology Features & Specifications

With our RESTful APIs and pipe data structure, gain access to our data in an easy-to-use JSON/XML structured format.

Comprehensive company data such as directorships, shareholders, appointment holders and relevant entities. Experience a full suite of data fields.

Private companies financial data such as paid-up capital, revenues and profit margins.

Access to official databases and corporate business registries

Conveniently extract, transform or load these data into your systems for immediate use.



Potential Applications

Conveniently extract, transform or load private company and capital market data into your systems for research, background checks, risk managment, or data prospecting.

Implementation into existing platform, be it internal or client facing platforms to deliver corporate data from offcial registries and capital market information for business or risk perspective. 

For A Spectrum Of Activities:

Audit | Compliance Checks | KYC & Onboarding | HR Due Diligence | Research | Data Prospecting 



Market Trends and Opportunities

Gaining the data edge is important in today's world. 

Every organisation and platform is unique, with our team of data experts, we help customise APIs to fit your KYC solution, regulatory processes, research capabilities or data prospecting. 

Difficulty always lie in obtaining and algamating up to date and relaible private company data and capital market data - no matter how good a business idea or platform is, a roadblock is faced without access to such data.  

Through our tie-ups with official registries, we have obtained private company data with coverage for a few geographical locations.

Through our robust capital market information, get data on each public firm such as corporate actions, commercial relationships, transactional relationships,  professional service providers, granular data on shareholding/shareholders, management, etc.    

Customer Benefits

The value in access to the corporate data for private companies and capital markets allows for the client to integrate such data into their platforms or solutions through APIs while controlling their costs by calling for only required data which is allowed for to the granular level.  

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