Predicting Food & Beverage Trends And Innovation Opportunities

Technology Overview

Understanding consumer and market needs doesn't have to be slow, painful and costly. 

Our food innovation intelligence platform equips the food and beverage industry with unprecedented foresight of emerging consumer and market needs. Our proprietary food science infused algorithms connect disparate data sets, to deliver personalized insights, predict trends, and identify novel opportunities. 

Technology Features & Specifications

We leverage more than 6,000 food & beverage data sources covering over 20 different types of data. Everything from scientific research and patents, to social media and blogs. We employee artificial intelligence to connect the data together using food science. This leads to what we call unintuituve intelligence. You can access our intelligence through our innovation research platform. 

Potential Applications

We answer a wide range of innovation and trend related questions for the food & beverage industry:

  • Consumer needs, motivations, values 

  • Category / thematic trends and whitespace 

  • Ingredient / flavor trends and opportunities 

  • Menu innovation and trends

  • Product and menu concepts

  • Private label strategy 

  • Emerging food & beverage companies 

  • International innovation

Customer Benefits

The benefits of using our platform include:

- AI-powered insights, which mean you're leveraging huge, rich data sets to get strongly validated answers to your innovation questions

- Because we have built this technology specifically for the food & beverage industry, we apply domain specific knowledge, in this case food science, to uncover new ideas and opportunities


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