Predictive People Analytics

Technology Overview

Our company predictive analytics is for people operating in the Human Capital Management (HCM) market. Our market-leading software platform, in conjunction with our Predictive Analytics Engine, helps companies understand and predict the current and future value of their most important and expensive asset: their people. By removing the bias and subjectivity currently present in talent assessment, the company also fulfil our mission in helping to democratize the opportunities for people and create benefits for employees, employers and society alike.

Our company provides a single integrated platform for both candidates and employees. From hiring to employee performance and organizational design, the platform delivers both affordability and efficiency to companies of all sizes.

Hiring and developing the right people is key to the success of organizations. Our software platform helps organizations to increase the effectiveness of their businesses by understanding and develop their human capital assets. By providing predictive people analytics for performance optimization, individual, team and leadership development, using data science, business psychology, AI and machine learning, our evidence-based approach delivers results.

Whether supporting businesses understand how to redeploy people to maximize talent and cultural strengths, improving team performance or recalibrating what good looks like by enhancing diversity and latitude in a team composition to boost performance and innovation, our platform uncover and predict where the talent and potential of the future will come from. Also, how they will perform within job roles, teams, functions or industry sector.

Technology Features & Specifications

Our platform is currently the only closed-loop, enterprise platform of its kind in the HR Analytics market that can capture, collate and ingest the entire set of end-to-end people analytics and data across the candidate and employees lifecycle. 

It is a cloud-based SaaS offering using advanced Machine Learning and an AI analytics engine which objectively process and analyze millions of data points in real-time to data about how individuals, teams, and whole organizations can and will perform. This is transforming the way that businesses make workforce decisions at scale by speeding up processes, reducing resources and costs while providing greater insight into selecting talent, assessing employee performance and predicting churn.

Potential Applications

Our company broadly encompasses the whole talent market –primarily focusing on disrupting the traditional recruitment and employee performance and assessment market in the enterprise, business and public sectors (demand) but also supports the education, careers and employability sector (supply).

The company has found the greatest traction in the market sectors where there are high levels of complexity and demand for:

• Competition for / scarcity of talent

• Customer service and sales excellence

• Compliance and Regulation

• Agility and flexibility of skills deployment

• Cultural fit and diversity

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