Quantum Converter Technology

Technology Overview

Quantum computers will solve certain types of complex problems that are intractable for conventional computers today but of critical importance for society, such as drug & vaccine discovery, climate change and artificial intelligence. Big data and artificial intelligence need a hardware revolution to make computing more sustainable.

This technology offer is a quantum converter that solves the challenge of connecting different quantum devices, enabling the realization of a quantum internet (or cloud) - a distributed network of quantum computers connected via secure optical communication channels.

Technology Features & Specifications

The quantum converter is capable of converting quantum states between stationary (microwave) photons and optical photons. This enables the wiring-up of quantum machines directly together, for the transfer of quantum information over long distances between superconducting chips, using classical optical telecom fibers, resulting in the scalability of quantum networks. This technology can have a tremendous impact on the growth of quantum computing platforms, for instance, speeding-up the scalability of quantum cloud solutions.

Potential Applications

This technology offer is an enabler for quantum networking and computing.

Customer Benefits

This technology offer provides the last missing link for the computing industry to scale up; to go beyond the small quantum computers available today, towards commercial advantages of quantum computing.

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