Rapid Test Kits for Mercury in Skin-Bleaching Cosmetic

Technology Overview

The mercury test kit is optimized to detect mercury in cosmetics used for bleaching or whitening skin. With sensitivity in the parts-per-million level, creams with higher-than-permitted levels of mercury would change the test solution from colorless to pink-red within a minute. With high selectivity, the test kit provides reliable results with low, if not at all, false negative results. Furthermore, only a few drops of sample is required along with a drop of the test solution to generate results in a minute. 

Technology Features & Specifications

On-site detection methods to test mercury-contained skin-bleaching products have been unlimited with poor performances. The new mercury test kit provides a convenient use to monitor dangerous products with a rapid and easy-to-observe read out with high sensitivity and efficiency.  Overall, this test method requires only 0.1 g of sample, 1 drop of the test solution, test time of one minute and gives an accuracy of 1-ppm level of detection.  The test kit is available in the dropper bottle for convenient use. Its shelf-life is guaranteed for 6 months.  

Potential Applications

The mercury test kits have been well accepted by the cosmetic industry in Thailand as well as consumer protection and health protection authorities. 

This mercury test kit will be very useful for consumers to test products in the convenience of their own homes and also for regulatory authorities to monitor permissible levels of mercury in products.    

In addition to the newly developed mercury test kit, the team is also offering two other test kits for skin-whitening products including hydroquinone test and acidity test. 

Customer Benefits

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”, a classic quote by Ben Frankin, is still valid today. Mercury is extremely toxic and has been illegally put into household cosmetic products in many countries, affecting the health of those unknowingly exposed to it.  The mercury test kit is developed specifically for consumers to protect themselves against harmful cosmetics and other items that may contain mercury.

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