Real-time 3D Augmented Reality

Technology Overview

With 3D models and overlays available in augmented reality (AR) for smartphones, our innovation studio provides augmented reality real time solutions with image recognition, geolocalization and Visioning Positioning System options. This solution can be used with or without real time data and has been designed for smart city applications : mobility, public infrastructure (airports, train stations, etc.), buildings, energy infrastructure.

Technology Features & Specifications

  • Fixed or animated 3D Dreamworks format provides high realistic Physically Based Rendering in a way that accurately models the flow of light to reach photorealism (bidirectional reflectance distribution, rendering equation, occlusion and shades).
  • Augmented Reality real-time data information through a smartphone application ( Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, etc. ).
  • Instantly converting and hosting any 3D models into augmented reality through our platform.
  • Visioning Positioning System through simultaneous real-time 3D image recognition and geolocalization.

Potential Applications

These technologies are a unique opportunity for smart cities or smart buildings to deliver information solutions:

  • Mobility information from real-time systems
  • Indoor geolocalization and AR cartography
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Visualization of real-time data of any project or city
  • Infrastructure projects
  • IoT sensor information (positioning, vibrations, air quality, passive security, circulation flows, chemical analysis, passengers and cars counting, energy consumption)

Customer Benefits

  • Drive investment costs down through information visualisation
  • Increase the security of workers
  • Deliver real-time information in 3D
  • Provide a virtual guide anywhere needed
  • Decrease the reluctance for project acceptance

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