Real Time Location System

Technology Overview

The indoor location system is being developed employing various RF technologies, like Wifi, BLE, and iBeacon.

Alternate technologies are, Ultra Sonic, Laser, and PDR (Pedestrian Dead Reckoning). However, none can match the high accuracy and high-speed location system using UWB technology.

Our Impulse UWB based RTLS (Real Time Location System) is a high speed and high-resolution 3D (three-dimensional) location system. The performance was demonstrated in field trials in the factories, shopping malls, and warehouses.

Simple Time Of Flight (TOF) is employed in our RTLS for distance measurement between tag and base stations. Precise 3D (three dimensional) location is determined by triangulation calculation.

Technology Features & Specifications

Certified UWB frequency and emission power are employed.

Distance measurement period is 100 to 500 times/sec and location accuracy is less than 5cm.

Additional and simple installation of anchors enables expanded area coverage.

Location engine could be installed either in the tag, on the server or on the cloud environment depending on the customer’s system configurations.

Potential Applications

This RTLS could be used in many industries. Some potential applications are:

  1. Flow control of forklift and workers in manufacturing floors and warehouses

  2. Optimize floorplanning from hot spot analysis using stored trace history

  3. Safety/Security control and warning with precise zone control

  4. Automated driving route control for vehicles like AGV and UAV.

Customer Benefits

  1. Optimized flow control results cost and workload reduction.

  2. Improves security/safety control level.

  3. Productivity improvement by autonomous driving

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