Revolutionary Robotic Therapeutic Massage System

Technology Overview

Globally, the population is aging rapidly. Older people face special physical and mental health challenges which need to be recognized. Therapeutic massage such as Tuina provides unique, non-invasive and efficient treatments for many problems and is getting increasingly popular worldwide.AiTreat successfully developed EMMA systemthat can be deployed in TCM clinic and other therapeutic centres. This helps physicians to provide professional and scientifically proven medical massage services. EMMA has core technologies in human body recognition, pose identification, acupuncture point registration, as well as intelligent massage planning and manipulation. EMMA will be able to provide scientific assessment report to assist therapists, such as physiological index measurement and muscle stiffness measurement. This is very common in modern medical practice and chiropractic treatment, but something unheard of in the history of TCM. With the graphical report, the clinics will be more persuasive during daily operation and gain more revenue.

Technology Features & Specifications

Patient can use our APP to indicate the region of pain and make an online appointment at home. After he arrives at the clinic, EMMA then performs an assessment of his condition and generates a graphical report, with a map of his body, and recommends a suitable massage plan. The physician then makes modifications and customizes the massage procedures. After a 30 mins massage done by the EMMA, the physician can continue with spinal manipulation, acupuncture and other treatments. Our digitalized service allows patients to select their personal preferences to receive dedicated and personalized services. They can alsoconveniently make online appointments, payments, and furthermore, review the past treatment records.

Potential Applications

Soft tissue treatment medical robotic system which works for post-surgery and stroke recovery. Such system can help to maintain the shape ofmuscle andsoft tissue through continuous massage and stimulations. EMMA robotic system can be widely used in physiotherapy, rehabilitation, chiropractic, pain management, sports massage and many other areas.

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