Robot-Assisted Communication Training for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Technology Overview

Currently, the number of therapists is insufficient for the number of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Some children only get to meet the therapists once in a month. We have created an education robot. It is not designed to replace human being in taking care of the children. On the contrary, it is used by caregivers, teachers, or even therapists to efficiently set up a training session for each child as much as they want. Training frequencies can be enhanced. The robot can be used at home, schools and hospitals. Trainings with the robot create interactive and dynamic learning. It makes learning more fun and can reduce stress in teaching or training the children. Children engagement and attention can be drawn easily. We have more than 100 original contents which can be freely downloaded from a content sharing platform. This helps reduces the burdens in preparing training contents for the children. The robot is simple programmable. This allows great customization capability to develop suitable contents that fit with individual needs. Moreover, with the content sharing platform, users can share and monetize their developed created contents with the others. Our robot and developed platform support tele-consulting between users and therapists. Users can distantly communicate with their therapists at home or elsewhere.

Technology Features & Specifications

The robot is mainly developed for children with autism spectrum disorders. It is user-friendly and customizable. The teaching contents can be developed to fit with individual child. Moreover, there are more than 100 original sets of content that are designed by teachers and therapists. These content has been tested in schools and hospital and can be downloaded from our content sharing platform. In addition, the robot and the platform can support tele-consulting between users and therapists.

Potential Applications

The robot can be used for setting up speech training sessions at home, schools, or elsewhere. It supports online monitoring. Therefore, we can observe and record robot-child interaction during the training. The robot can also be used as an educational tool for teaching in various subjects, such as English, Mathematics, Thai, life skills, and robotics for children with autism and children with normal development.

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