Robotic Process Automation With Artificial Intelligence

Technology Overview

Our "software robots" help to make various I.T. applications talk to one another without requiring complicated back-end codes or APIs. Integration projects that typically would take 3-6 months can be done within a few days using our technology.Our robots automate data movement and processing of transactions by mimickingkeyboard strokes and mouse clicks to communicate with multiple I.T. applications, including legacy ones. Our solution will be useful for organisationsthat currently have to complete large volumes of transactions manually due to the need forinteracting with multiple I.T. applications that do not talk to one another. Examples of users of our solution include banks, insurance companies, manufacturing companies and services organisations.

Technology Features & Specifications

Our solution isbased on technologies such as computer vision/ image-recognition, natural-language processing, text-analytics and machine-learning. Computer vision/ image-recognition: - Our "robot" can see the icons and menus on the computer screens just like humans - Our "robot" can also detect physical objects, and carry out specified tasks on computer based on the visual cues Natural-language processing (NLP) and text analytics: - To pick out information (e.g. names of persons) from unstructured text - To give an indication for sentiment analysis (a numerical value of how positive the sentiment is) Machine-learning: - The "robot" can be trained to learn and predict outcomes

Potential Applications

Unique value proposition is empowering all types of users to be able to automate their workflows, without requiring complicated coding. Our solution allows various I.T. applications to communicate with one another, even legacy ones: - existing solutions typically require APIs or databases to do integration, whereas our solution does not - existing ways of doing integration can take months, and cannot be easily modified --> Potential applications include: - connecting an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to connect with another ERP or CRM/ Accounting/ any other software - connecting a legacy software to front-end systems Our solution allows users to build models for predictive analysis without requiring in-depth knowledge of statistics or data-science. --> Potential applications include: - predicting the approval for applications (e.g. loan/ job/ etc.) based on past data - capturing knowledge of skilled workers by building models based on past data Our solution has simple way of doing image detection --> Potential applications include: - counting recurring items on a drawing/ image - recognising type of document based on image (e.g. of logo)

Customer Benefits

>> Customers will be able to deploy our solution faster:potentially within a few days (or even less), rather than the "state-of-the-art" integration projects that can last months. >> Our solution can be set up easily by end-users without knowledge of programming, as compared to "state-of-the-art" way that requires skilled engineers.

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