Rounded Corner Oblique-Finned Microchannels for Single-Phase Liquid Cooling

Technology Overview

This invention is modified from conventional straight fin microchannels by introducing periodic oblique cuts and rounded corners on the sharp edges of fin pieces. The thermal boundary layers are periodically disrupted by the oblique cuts, resulting in higher heat transfer performance. The rounded corner design helps to guide and divert more flow from the main channels to secondary channels. The enhanced mixing due to stronger secondary flow further improve heat transfer of this invention. Elimination of sharp edges by introducing rounded corners also deduces manufacturing difficulty and guarantees better product quality. 

Potential Applications

This invention can be used in thermal management applications involving high heat flux dissipation, such as computer processors, server racks, and any other electronic components. 

Customer Benefits

  • Single-phase liquid cooling for high heat dissipation applications, such as LED, CPU and GPU, 3DIC package, battery pack and other electronic/computer devices
  • Generate more secondary flows via larger apertures which promote mixing, thus enhancing heat removal
  • Provide manageable pressure drop coupled with heat transfer enhancement, which lead to lower pumping power and reduction in operating costs
  • Replace sharp edges with rounded corners, leading to more controllable quality of manufactured products

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