Sapphire Thin Film Technology

Technology Overview

The technology offers functional coating using a submicron thin film that is ultra-hard, non-fragile and anti-scratch for use as protective coating on watches and electronic devices including smartphones and tablets. Compared with the existing less durable and easily scratched cover glass on mobile devices, this coating can be applied to screens providing excellent scratch protection. Its manufacturing cost is approximately half that of sapphire covered glass. The new material invented is a layer of nano-materials that has ultra-hard and anti-scratch properties and can be deposited onto a transparent substrate, ideal for use on touch screen devices. Its hardness is proven to be comparable to the hardness of single crystal sapphire, which is hard but fragile. The fabricated layer can be deposited onto various types of substrate including quartz, fused silica and silicon. The fabrication process can be completed using standard industrial deposition processes; therefore production can be scaled-up with minimal development time and production cost.

Technology Features & Specifications

The invention introduces a variety of fabrication means of film coating in a mass-production scale with the following advantages: • cost-effective in manufacturing; • harden the materials’ surface without sacrifice of its properties such as flexibility; • lighter than pure sapphire screen, or even the adhesive protective film available in the market for mobile devices; and • excellent in transmittance so that it can be widely used in many applications, for examples. watches, laptop computer, solar panels and mobile devices

Potential Applications

• The patented sapphire thin-film technology can be applied to surfaces that require anti-scratch property, including cover glasses on watches and electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, smart watches and field work intensive devices. • It can be also applied to aerospace and solar panels, so as to reduce wear and tear in the adverse environment.

Customer Benefits

The durability of products is increased and thus saving money and reducing unnecessary electronic waste.

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