Self-Cleaning Additive for Paints and Coatings

Technology Overview

Green building technologies are of great importance to provide large modern cities with the capability of environmental protection and sustaining development. It is highly desirable to develop a long-lasting, self-cleaning technology for outdoor paints and coatings to keep building surfaces clean. The team has developed a novel TiO2 additive with enforced self-cleaning efficiency covering a wider range of solar light spectrum, including visible light range.

Self-cleaning additive, especially nano-sized TiO2, is the core material for various self-cleaning products on building surface. Unlike most of the commercial products, this newly developed self-cleaning additive has a wide response spectrum extended to the visible light range. Evaluation on the appropriate formulation for paints and coatings to maximise the performance and application of self-cleaning paints were completed with promising results.

Technology Features & Specifications

This self-cleaning additive has the following features:

  • Actively responsive to not only UV light, but also visible light 
  • Easy incorporation into water-based paints and coatings
  • Paints and coatings incorporated with this self-cleaning additive can be easily applied on the surfaces of existing and new buildings by painting or spraying
  • Degrades dirty particulate pollutants to clean building surface
  • Allows the reduction of the frequency of maintenance

Potential Applications

This self-cleaning additive for paints and coatings can be used on the exterior and interior of buildings, glass panels and various surfaces for its self-cleaning effect to reduce the manpower, cost and time needed for cleaning and maintenance. The team is also open to validate the potential application for anti-fouling. 

Customer Benefits

Multi-functional green building paint can be used on existing and new buildings. It is easy to apply, and less maintenance is required. The coated paint will be helpful to keep the building surfaces clean, degrade environmental pollutants, and therefore contribute to the sustainable development of Singapore.

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