Self-powered Sensor Solutions for Industrial IoT and Fleet Tracking

Technology Overview

We have developed unique and patented vibration energy harvesting technology to power a range of wide area wireless sensors for industrial IoT applications. The sensors connect to our secure, data and analytics platform using the latest LPWA communications technologies that include LoRaWAN, LTE CAT-M1 and NB-IoT as well as 3G cellular. Our first products are self-powered GPS trackers that are very easy to install, do not need to be recharged, battery replacement or require a permanent power supply.  

Technology Features & Specifications

  • Built-in wireless GPS/GNSS location tracking with accelerometers and gyroscopes sensing hardware 
  • Self-powered by patented vibration energy harvesting (VEH) developed by the University of Cambridge
  • Energy harvesting element is optimised for truck trailer, rail freight car and electric motor
  • Includes smart power management, energy storage, sensors, optional solar PV    
  • Choice of wide area communications – LoRaWAN, 3G, NB-IoT or LTE CAT-M1
  • Designed to be deployed in field for years and report location hourly or when moving
  • Configurable duty cycle typically one reading every hour. Up to once every 10 seconds with high harvesting energy
  • Direct API access to data platform, interoperability, data visualisation, analysis, automation and device management
  • Products include all cellular wireless service fees
  • Data made available through secure data platform, dashboards, API access or custom application
  • Secure, end to end, Location as a Service (LaaS) for industrial IoT

Potential Applications

Tracking unpowered assets such as truck trailers, flatbeds, construction equipment, shipping containers and rail freight

Condition monitoring of industrial and manufacturing assets such as rotating machinery, pumps and conveyor belts and production line equipment

We seek technical collaboration, test bed and pilot opportunities, and more.

Market Trends and Opportunities

Energy independent wireless sensors are now a recognised sector. Our innovation allows enough energy to be harvested from vibration to continually run sensor systems and regularly report data over LPWA networks. This means once installed there is no need to change or recharge batteries and simplifies installation as no wiring is required to power our devices.  

Customer Benefits

  • Fit and forget operation of self-powered devices
  • Hourly data reports and instant alarms from monitored assets
  • Minimal installation time and complexity
  • Low cost “Location as a Service” LaaS business model
  • Data visualisation and analytics 

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