Serious Game for Supply Chain Integration

Technology Overview

This is a serious game that allows you to experience how international supply chain logistics can become more robust, reliable and efficient. The game is developed to answer to following questions:

  • How can international supply chains become more efficient and effective?
  • Is it possible to improve visibility over international logistics for both business and governmental purposes?
  • Which innovative data sharing concepts are effective and for who?
  • And how do we create awareness over the importance of collaborating throughout the supply chain?

How Does The Game Work?

Two manufacturers, two forwarders and a client organization (buyer), all part of  the same supply chain, try to improve their performance. Each player pursues his/her individual goals. By investing in various supply chain innovations, players a) increase their capacity to cope with risks such as strikes, drug smuggling, product safety scandals or supplier bankruptcy; and b) improve their compliance with Customs regulations. Investments can be made in either individual innovations (only the company making the investment will benefit from its results) or chain-wide measures. The latter require joint investment from several players. Are each player’s goals best served by individual innovations or by making joint investments? And do the parties trust each other enough to make joint investments?

Technology Features & Specifications

The technology comprise of the following:

  • Serious game for international supply chain logistics
  • Computer-based game play environment
  • Attractive, colorful graphical user interface
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Data underlying the game is adaptable to specific scenarios.


The duration of a game session is 1.5 to  2 hours, including an introduction and a debriefing discussion. The game can be played with 5 to 10 players and will be facilitated by an expert. Equipment such as touch tables and other IT devices may be required.

Potential Applications

Player testimonies reveal that the game is an excellent training tool to support the mindset shift from a ‘transaction-based’ (bilateral) thinking towards a ‘chain-oriented’ (multiparty) thinking. Therefore, the game is applicable to:

  • Professionals from companies participating in supply chains  (eg. suppliers, clients, forwarders)
  • University academic staff active in the logistics field
  • Trade associations
  • Government organizations responsible for supply chain supervision (eg. Customs)

Activities which are applicable with this technology include

  • Training courses, workshops and serious gaming session
  • Team and network activities
  • Innovation and change processes in transport and logistics.

Market Trends and Opportunities

The total market size in terms of value for the serious game market is worth US$5,448.82 Million by 2020 and is expected to grow at an estimated CAGR of 16.38% between 2015 and 2020.


Serious gaming has a large potential in the logistics and transport sector due to the need for more innovation and collaboration. The benefits of a serious gaming are that it offers a safe environment  in which people can:

  • Discover and experience new ways of working and collaborating
  • Obtain deeper insights  that make a lasting impression

Goals include raising awareness, experimentation, education and training.

The game was developed based on insights from 27 international partners in logistics, ranging from governmental organizations to industry partners and knowledge institutes.

Customer Benefits

The game allows players to observe how innovative data-sharing concepts can make supply chains more robust, reliable and efficient. By means of an engaging experience, this interactive game creates awareness of supply chain complexity and the interdependencies between the various partners. Moreover, players are permanently confronted with decisions  and incidents that require them to share resources, contribute insights and align not only with the other supply chain partners, but also with Customs.

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