Short Range Ultrasonic Magnetic Communication

Technology Overview

Our technology is an affordable alternative solution to Bluetooth and NFC with additional benefits. It is a short-range (0-15 cm) communication solution that will work with any mobile devices with a loudspeaker (e.g. smartphones, tablets or application-specific devices) without the need for pairing. No further hardware is needed on the transmitter side to send data from any mobile device to the receiver. The technology is based on magnetic coupling and is not depend on acoustic transmission. Therefore, no microphones are needed on the receiver side and noise is not an issue. As a software-based radio approach, it requires only a few passive components on the receiver side. It provides smart device manufacturers with an easy-to-use short-range communication solution for a wide area of applications.

Technology Features & Specifications

  • New short-range data-over-magnetic-coupling-communication technology
  • Technologically simpler and cheaper than competing technologies
  • Compatible with any mobile device with a loudspeaker
  • Smaller size and more freedom in product design
  • Compatible with metallic housings
  • No pairing needed
  • Physically bounded security
  • No Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approval required
  • Predestinated for sealed headless devices
  • Nearly no additional BOM
  • Software-defined radio solution
  • Extremely small form factor

Potential Applications

  • Virtual User Interface: Use your smartphone as universal interface for many products, no pairing, no more buttons and displays, enhance user experience (UX), devices immediately addressable, access to all/more functions, one user – many devices, one device – many users
  • Device Provisioning: integrate network / IoT components quickly into existing network environments, less time needed, access to all functions without dedicated buttons or displays, configure devices quickly, even several devices at once, perfect for IoT-sensor nodes, one user – many devices, one device – many users
  • Service Interface: configure and readout interface for professional service applications, bidirectional communication only with dedicated mobile devices or e.g. a USB-adapter, reduction of the space required for a wireless configuration interface. No specific requirements for the housing (even metal housings, sealed devices / no openings necessary ), even through packaging, the minimal cost compared to traditional solutions

Market Trends and Opportunities

  • Fast-growing numbers of IoT-devices (over 40 billion IoT devices in 2025) open the need for cost-efficient and simple opportunities for configuring and provisioning.
  • Enhance UX and reduce costs for electronic low-cost products by using virtual UIs.
  • Device manufacturers can implement a cost-efficient alternative interface for professional service applications

Customer Benefits

This technology

  • enables customers to quickly use Smart Home Appliances in a comfortable way at almost no additional cost for the manufacture.
  • enables customers to quickly provision Smart Home Appliances at almost no additional cost.
  • offers a low-cost short-range communication link for manufacturers of Smart Home devices
  • using the loudspeaker of any device eliminating the need for complicated pairing and/or dedicated gateways, communicating directly with the onboarding device.
  • enables service staff to quickly configure and readout devices at almost no additional cost.
  • offers a low cost, bidirectional alternative solution for connectivity with an extremely small footprint and significantly increased freedom in product design for device manufacturers.

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