Simple Powder Based Mix Design to Make Precast Concretes with MSW Incineration Ash (IBA)

Technology Overview

The company has developed the technology to recycle and transform Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Combustor Ash into a safe and beneficial precast structure, turning this waste stream 100% sustainable contributing to a circular economy. Powder based mix design perfectly combining nano composites and minerals for making Ashcrete (concrete with MSW IBA). 

Ashcrete has a wide range of applications in precast concretes. It is a low cost nano reinforced impermeable super concrete made with municipal solid waste combustor ash. Ashcrete dense matrix prevents deleterious solutions from penetrating into the matrix, so the mechanisms that can cause conventional concrete to deteriorate are not present, consequently, durability properties, as measured by permeability tests, freeze-thaw tests, scaling tests, abrasion tests, resistance to ASR, and carbonation, are significantly better than those of conventional concrete. Ashcretes are impermeable and very strong (min comp strength 4000 psi).  There is also no need for MSW ash washing, ageing or chemical treatment.

Technology Features & Specifications

The ashcrete is a powder based mix design to make concretes with MSW IBA this technology perfectly combines nano composites, minerals and admixtures. The manufacturing process begins with incineration ash gradation to different particles sizes this process is imperative to achieve a perfect matrix particle packing. 

  • Incineration Ash DOES NOT require any ageing, weathering, washing or any chemical treatment. 
  • During incineration ash gradation procedure metals>0.45 mm can be recovered. 
  • Ashcretes at 28 days achieve >4,000 psi.
  • Ashcrete technology is a just add water powder mix design.
  • Ashcretes exhibit an external smooth surface and impermeability due to a perfect particle packing.


Potential Applications

Ashcretes or concretes made with MSW IBA have a wide range of applications in land reclamation projects and precast roads, precast bridge piles, precast bridge decks, precast blocks for land reclamation, precast traffic barriers, precast storm barriers, precast sound barriers, precast wind barriers, precast road kerbs, pavers, and blocks in general.

Market Trends and Opportunities

As world population increases there is an exponencial increment in solid waste or common household garbage generation, today there are a little over 800 Waste to Energy facilities world wide, a number that is increasing exponencialy. 

Waste to Energy is currently the best method to cope with the waste dilemma, unfortunatelly, Waste to Energy generates an average of 25% Incineration Ash, in many countries such as Singapore, USA, Canada, China all the Incineration Ash generated is disposed of in landfills (i.e.,Semakau).

Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Ash posseses all the physical and mechanical properties to make a strong concrete.  The company has developed the technology to turn this waste stream into a beneficial precast structure which will lower infrastructure development and land reclamation projects costs.

Customer Benefits

In Singapore these are some of the benefits of turning the IBA into a concrete.

  1. Reduction in Ash transportation costs to Semakau landfill.
  2. Reduction in Environmental Liabilities by not having to transport the highly contaminant Ash offshore to the Semakau landfill.
  3. Lowering Infrastructure development costs.
  4. Low cost land reclamation costs.

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