Simple & Secure Multi-Factor Authentication, Transaction Authorisation and Data Encryption

Technology Overview

WE MAKE SENSITIVE DATA IRRELEVANT The current paradigm of developing and deploying applications (either in the cloud or on-premise) assumes the existence of a physical / virtual infrastructure that needs to be protected by either adding layers over layers of controls or by adding several monitoring and alerting systems (including the ones based on user's behavior and AI). Even though we think they add their value, we also believe that the main reason they exist is because data hosted in those apps is "relevant". That means that if someone pass all the controls, they'll get access to sensitive information. What if data would be "irrelevant" or there would be no data to capture? What if there'll be no password to access? Or, if data hosted would be encrypted in a way that would be (practically) impossible for a human / machine to read? We've developed our technologies trying to answer these set of questions. Ourtechnologyprovides secure authentication, transaction authorisation and encryption keys. Beside this, along the way we have developed some other technologies that we needed in order to provide our authentication, transaction authorisation and encryption key service.sconfigis an encrypted CDN for configuration files.LogLetis an application logs management system. We work as a distributed team from London, Cluj-Napoca and (soon) San Francisco and levarage our growing network of white hackers to test and validate our solutions.

Technology Features & Specifications

Our technology increases the security of your digital properties through a distributed authentication system that doesn’t require your users to remember passwords. Authenticating through push notifications, the default mechanism, uses out of band communication to notify users about authentication requests. They can approve or deny the request on their phone after they authenticate with the application. Time-based one-time password (TOTP) & email login are offered as alternative authentication methods for the case the user does not have internet on the phone or the phone is not nearby. The distributed authentication system provides is a radical increase in security and ease of use compared to the classic “username & password” system. SCALABLE& SECURE Our technology is designed with your applications' security in mind and uses the most secure IaaS providers that can scale with your business. DISTRIBUTED AUTHENTICATION Through application linking, our technology gives you the tools to protect even for the unlikely case our platform would be breached. SECURITYCERTIFICATES Our technology uses valid RSA certificates issued by Comodo and we constantly monitor our status with Qualys SSL Labs. Amazon Web Services (AWS) & Bahnhof aresecure&certifiedpartners that help us protect your users. WORRIED ABOUT LOST PHONE OR PC? Not anymore. Users candeactivatetheir phone from any computer with an internet connection and remote logout will let users protecttheir lost PCs. RELIABLEINFRASTRUCTURE Our technology uses AWS and Bahnhof infrastructure with auto scaling enabled.

Potential Applications

SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE Build your custom branded mobile Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution for the same price you'd pay for SMS two-factor authentication. On top, you'll open a new communication channel with your users through push notifications. FINTECH Looking to build a mobile bank? A custom mobile solution to go with your service or, even more, an entire fintech solution? We have the tools and skills to build secure & scalable solutions. PLATFORM AS A SERVICE Partnering with us will open the doors for a new set of services for your clients HEALTH INDUSTRY We can help you encrypt your patients' records beyond recognition. Only authorised personnel will be able to decrypt and use them. INFRASTRUCTURE AS A SERVICE Beside securing the access to your systems, our technology offers you the tools to stay in touch with your users through push notifications. ENTERPRISES From consulting your development teams to building your systems from the ground up we are here to support you secure your business.

Customer Benefits

REAL TIME ANALYTICS All the data you need to better serve your users. Know exactly where and when they try to login, what authentication methods they prefer or the devices they use. You’ll be better placed to assist or to identify suspicious activity. FIREWALL Do your users come from specific places? With City Wall and IP Restriction you’ll be able to restrict access to your application to specific countries, cities or to IP addresses. Verified domains & IP addresses, several limitations and timers can beset, to protect your applications from some of the most common types of attacks. LOGOUT FROM ANYWHERE When using our push notification to login into your service, users can logout remotely from their phone wherever they are. EASY TO INTEGRATE. ON PREMISE OR IN THE CLOUD. Our technology offers several ways you can integrate, from quick and easy to more customisable types of implementations that let you control every step in your users' journey. Regardless if you want to use it as the only authentication system or on top of your existing one, we do our best to ease the implementation time with: Simple API and code examples Customisable login widget for a quicker integration Growing list of plugins CUSTOMISABLE Generating your custom branded mobile security application is a few clicks away and is part of the default services we provide through our technology.

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