Smart Manufacturing Operations Management (S-MOM)

Technology Overview

The S-MOM solution is an integrated Production Planning, Scheduling and Shop Floor Tracking system. It fills the gap between the Enterprise System (such as ERP) and the management of the shop floor activities, which is typically performed manually through whiteboard or Spreadsheet-based planning and shop floor activities are usually monitored and tracked on paper. The S-MOM soultion is an integrated production planning & scheduling solution which was developed with an open architecture and generic shop floor model. The production scheduling engine is able to generate the daily production schedule and dynamically adjust the production schedule in response to the unexpected events and disruptions. For examples, machine breakdowns, urgent order, order cancellation, due date changes, change in order priority, etc. Integrated with the Real-Time Scheduling (RTS) mobile app, the S-MOM solution is one of the first on-the-go decision making software for manufacturing operations management.

Technology Features & Specifications

The S-MOM has a heuristics-based scheduling and rescheduling engines which are able to generate production schedule automatically, considering the operational constraints and multiple scheduling objectives. The interactive gantt chart allows for the drag-n-drop of urgent orders and it has the ability to repair existing production schedule interrupted by unexpected events. The RTS mobile app notifies users about unexpected events (machine breakdowns, urgent customer orders and delays in actual progress) and their impact on the on time production performance of the original schedule. If users want to reschedule in reaction to unexpected events, the app provides three rescheduling options instantly for users’ quick and timely decision making.

Potential Applications

High-Mix Low-Volume Manufacuring environments including

  • Precision Engineering
  • Electronics
  • General Manufacturing

(for both MNCs and SMEs)

Market Trends and Opportunities

High-Mix Low-Volume (HMLV) manufacturing simply refers to production of a variety of products with small quantities in a plant. It normally happens in make-to-order (MTO) and engineer-to-order (ETO) systems. An example of HMLV manufacturing is the Precision Engineering (PE) industry. Diversification that the industry as a whole is undergoing in order to stay relevant on a global scale has resulted in the growing complexity in managing their day-to-day operations. As a result, there is an increased need for production planning and scheduling solutions that help in reducing lead times and to provide realistic delivery commitment. The common issues faced by these companies are machine resources are not optimally utilized to fulfil customer orders, unacceptable order cycle times and unable to adjust the production schedule in respond to dynamism of the environment which are faced with unexpected events and disruptions.The real-time scheduling (RTS) mobile app provides users with capability of making timely rescheduling decisions when the original schedule is disrupted by unexpected events.

Customer Benefits

The S-MOM solution facilitates the management of the progress of shop floor schedules and provides timely response to schedule disruptions. It is a real-time decision making process to cope with uncertainties such as disruptions and unforeseen events happening in real time. With this system, companies would be able to improve their delivery performance, maximize the plant throughput, and able to react to deviations or unplanned events in production due to disruption occurrences. Potential productivity improvement in the following key performance indicators: 50% - 90% reduction in daily planning & Scheduling Time, 30% - 50% reduction in order fulfilment time, 30% - 60% improvement in machine utilisation, 70% - 90& reduction in order status tracking time.

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