Smart Telemetry System For e-Mobility

Technology Overview

The smart telemetry system is specially designed to monitor the status and parameters of the battery system of electric vehicles remotely. The system front-end comprises GPS and GPRS enabled devices with built-in sensors to provide battery stack monitoring and data-logging capabilities.  Data collected are relayed in real-time to data centre at the system back-end. The system is plug and play setup, and it also has the remote system recovery function with server.

Technology Features & Specifications

Measurement parameters:  Voltage range:  0 to 90VDC, 1mV resolution Current: - 150A to 150A, 50mA resolution Temperature: 0 to 100 ℃, 0.5℃ resolution Stage of Charge prediction Battery ageing prediction GPS accuracy < 2.5m Hot start: immediate Cool start < 2 seconds Sleep mode for energy saving

Potential Applications

Urban electric vehicle positioning, monitoring and management Energy management and optimization Maritime, and military applications

Market Trends and Opportunities

The Telemetry Market is estimated to be $72.42 Billion in 2014 and is expected to register a CAGR of 7.31% to reach $103.42 Billion by 2019. Healthcare telemetry is expected at a CAGR of 9.24% in the forecast period. Retail telemetry will have a smaller market, but will continue to grow, despite irregular global economic trends. Africa will maintain consistent levels of growth in their wildlife telemetry segment. [Source: MarketsandMarkets]

Customer Benefits

Smart LED indicator User - friendly interface Applicable for different battery chemistry Light weight Low energy consumption Low cost

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