Smart Waste Management System

Technology Overview

This system includes battery operated sensors to detect if a bin is filled, and communicate this information to an Application server on the Internet through a wireless infrastructure base on LPWAN technology which supports wide area wireless coverage in the ISM frequency band and at very low power.

The use of LPWAN technology enables the design of sensor nodes that can be battery operated for a long duration of time. Compared to current solutions that use public WAN data services such as 3G/4G, which are paid services, LPWAN technologies allow system operators to implement low-cost wireless infrastructure to support free wireless data usage since it is operating in free ISM bands.

The use of sensors that monitor the status of waste bins and transmitting this data to an application server will allow efficient route planning in the collection of waste.

Technology Features & Specifications

Technology consists of connected waste bins sensors based on LoRaWan standard:

  • Transmitter nodes and receiver gateway based on the LoRaWan standard for LPWAN.

  • The server consists of 2 parts, web portal, and web service. The web portal provides a manage tools for administrators to configure the application. The web service provides APIs for communication with receiver gateways. The server is designed to be generic so that it can be easily customized for other IoT related applications.

Potential Applications

This technology is applicable to the waste management industry:

  • Waste bin remote sensors - load and depth sensing
  • Waste Management system - productivity improvement by cutting down unnecessary trips made to empty collection points; in the context of a city waste management system, this will also enable change in collection route made by rubbish trucks and hence reduce carbon emission.

Customer Benefits

  • LoRaWan supports free to air data transmission with coverage of 1-2km in densely built up areas.

  • LoRaWan system architecture can be scaled as a low-cost private LAN implementation, unlike existing solutions that tap the public WAN (ie 3G/4G services).

  • Application server enables smart route planning for waste collection by eliminating redundant trips to empty bins.


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