Solar Energy Forecasting

Technology Overview

The technology provides a highly accurate solar energy forecasting. It uses a network of sensors which have advanced computer vision and machine learning algorithms embedded within them, providing a highly accurate 30 minutes ahead forecast of cloud shadowing events every 10 seconds. Using this forecast, the technology enables solar power systems to better manage the impacts of meteorological clouds.

The technology can be used anywhere. Solar Energy is being produced from Solar Photovoltaic (PV) technology including: large scale grid connected solar farms, renewable remote area power systems, distributed solar systems and smart homes of the future.

The technology has been developed and validated by Australia's leading research agency. It enables the full generation capacity of solar power systems in all sizes to utilise its maximum capacity and enables solar energy to realise its full potential in the energy system of the future.

Technology Features & Specifications

Using a network of easy to install systems over a wide area of coverage; the technology is able to provide a 30 minutes ahead solar energy forecast every 10 seconds. At the heart of the system, it comprises of the forecast sensor stack, with a sky-facing camera as part at its core and a ground level enclosure with industrial grade components. All of these components in the system can work in outback Australia or on the roof tops of building Tuas Singapore. The technology reduces costs and fossil fuel consumption by switching off the diesel generators when there are no clouds and switching back on when necessary.

A key advantage of this system is that it is possible to cover an area like Singapore with as little as 20 cameras in total, yet still provide highly accurate solar power system specific energy forecasts through the networking of the sensors.

Potential Applications

The technology can be used anywhere where solar energy is being produced. Its application is to provide the most accurate solar energy prediction available to enable the unlocking of the full potential of the installed solar energy.


The technology is applicable in areas such as:

  • Large scale grid connected solar farms
  • Renewable remote area power systems
  • Distributed solar systems
  • Off-grid hybrid solar-diesel power stations
  • On-grid residential homes and commercial sites
  • Smart homes of the future

Customer Benefits

The benefit to the customer is significant cost and energy savings through the unlocking of the full potential of their installed solar while still maintaining high energy quality and reliability. The technology provides reliable and cost effective weather forecasting to maximise the full capacity utilisation of solar panels, especially in hybrid power solutions (usually consisting of solar panels and diesel generators).

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