Sustainable Food Packaging for Meal Delivery, Instant Meals and Takeaway Foodservice

Technology Overview

This is a flexible takeaway packaging solution that is completely flat during transportation and transforms into a rigid bowl or a cup to serve the whole menu by using only one packaging format. This solution helps travel catering companies, meal delivery services and instant meal brands to

  • reduce packaging waste and CO2 emissions,
  • increase operations efficiency,
  • more convenience for eating on to go.

This technology offer includes the packaging solution, manufacturing method and know-how.

Technology Features & Specifications

This technology offer is based around the patented and patent pending semi-flexible packaging solution transformable into a rigid bowl, cup or can for eating or drinking. The food products can be packed using existing filling lines and packaging machinery or by packed by hand as part of the foodservice. The packaging is made of non-plastic compostable materials, it uses less materials and requires less space during the logistics compared to the existing rigid packaging options without compromising the enjoyable eating experience on to go.

Potential Applications

This packaging solution is most suitable for healthy salad meals, but can be used for a wide selection of other cold and hot meals, fresh bites, snacks and drinks to go as well. It is looking for partnership with a packaging manufacturer, foodservice operator or food brand for this packaging solution.

Customer Benefits

This packaging solution helps to reduce packaging waste up to 50%, increase foodservice operations efficiency by 70% and reduce the space needed in transportation up to 10-fold delivering more convenience for eating on to go and to cutting CO2 emissions during transportation. Only one packaging format is needed for the whole menu (food+drinks) which minimises trash, hassle and the need for storage space.

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