Sustainable Plant Extraction Technology to Develop Healthy and Functional Ingredients

Technology Overview

A faster, sustainable plant extraction method that is column-less and a zero-waste processing method, validated at pilot extraction scale.

The method is non-ethanol based that optimizes the yield of bioactives from botanicals. This continuous cyclical extraction methodology has been validated at one tonne production scale to yield plant extracts of higher bioactive purity at a fraction of current production time & cost. As only food grade, non-ethanol based, solvent is used, extracted ingredients are Halal-certifiable.

The method uses one process to extract the volatile components of botanicals after the extraction of minute amount of non-volatile bioactives, reaping two or more products with minimal or zero waste generation. This methodology is also able to recover plant proteins/soluble fibre, from spent grains & homogenous plant waste generated by the food & agricultural industry, for transformation into high value functional ingredients.

In summary, this technology addresses two market challenges in the Food Industry:

1. The high cost & complexity of current column chromatography-based extraction limiting mass market access to quality plant extracts.

2. High wastage of food processing side-streams in the food processing & agricultural industry. These side-streams are currently dried up, at high energy cost, into low value animal feed and fertilizers. Recovering of plant proteins/soluble fibre from these side-streams provides an alternate source of quality plant extracts for development into mass market friendly functional food & supplements, while reducing the energy cost of disposing of these side-streams

Technology Features & Specifications

This Column-less liquid to liquid, non-ethanol base extraction technology is built on the trade secrets and expertise cumulated over more than a decade of research. The expert formulations of additives coupled with trade secret optimized extraction parameters are the drivers behind this sustainable, high purity, low production cost extraction technology.

Potential Applications

Food and Agricultural Industry:

  • Reduce the high energy cost of drying the food processing ‘wastes’ into low value commoditized animal feed/plant fertilizers) to meet mass market nutritional needs of human population.
  • Efficient extractions of phytochemicals from agricultural waste (e.g. palm kernels)
  • Maximises value of food processing ‘waste’ such as spent grains by efficiently transforming these ‘wastes’ into high value mass market friendly functional plant ingredients.
  • Economical source of functional plant ingredients to meet rising consumer demand for sustainable, plant based, functional food & supplements.
  • An economical source of plant protein/soluble and dietary fiber for development of alternate meat.
  • An economical source of plant protein as nutrients for clean meat.


Food/Supplement/Pharma industry/Research Institutes:

  • Enables development of novel phytochemical from nature’s abundance supply of botanicals with small batch extractions of quality assured novel bioactive for R&D and market testing.
  • Supply of high quality, mass market cost friendly phytochemical ingredients for functional food/plant base supplements
  • Halal-certifiable functional food/ plant-based supplements enable access to the more than 1.7b Muslims around the world

The technology has already been used to

  1. provide R&D services to customers with need for quality assured and or
  2. small batches of novel phytochemical for R&D, and
  3. customers that need to transform their spent grains into high value functional plant ingredients.

Market Trends and Opportunities

  • Consumer demand for sustainable food production with circular economy and zero waste generation.
  • Consumer demand for plant based diet, functional products and alternate meat
  • Aging Asian population requiring mass market friendly functional ingredients that meet Asian taste and preference.
  • Trend towards lab grown meat

Customer Benefits

  • Economical means of valorizing food process side-streams & agricultural plant waste
  • Access to development and supply of novel and/or quality assured plant health ingredients for functional food development.
  • Small batch contract manufacturing of quality assured phytochemical for R&D/market testing.
  • Halal certifiable plant extracts enables access to more than 1.7b Muslim population

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