Systems for Identifying Activities of Daily Living and Real-Time Fall Detection and Protection

Technology Overview

Wearable devices with online detection functions that can identify various activities of daily living (ADLs) and fall occurrence of the user, and provide real-time fall protection before fall impact when a fall occurs.The detection functions can be set with individualized parameters to provide precise real-time ADL and fall detections to prevent fall injuries.

Technology Features & Specifications

The technology can be use as a stand-alone wearable device or detecting algorithmsdeployed onother devices, through multi-sensor measurements of movement characteristics that can beset withindividualized parameters. The system can immediately identify the user’s action state and fall initiation (before the fall impact). In addition, at the detection of fall initiation, a protection device will be triggered toprevent fall injuries. This technology can also be used to instantly detect the user’s activities of daily living (such as movement stability), providing necessary care or medical treatment.

Potential Applications

The technology can be use at home or in long-term care to monitor the activities of daily living of the elderly (or individuals with special needs), to protect themselves fromfall injuries/death. It can also be usedto assess online thephysical and physiological conditions of the user, and to provide recommendations for special care, physical training or medical treatments.

Customer Benefits

Integration of currently available sensing and actuating technologies with algorithms. There are viable applications withmany different forms of products,and alarge growing market.

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