Tactile Sensing Glove

Technology Overview

A tactile sensing glove embedded with multiple tactile sensors can measure each sensing point’s applied pressure and its corresponding position. Its pressure sensing layer is constructed with multiple rows and columns of piezoresistive sensing points. The piezoresistive sensor’s electrical resistance decreases when a pressure is applied on it. The tactile sensing glove can be put on a robotic gripper or prosthetic device to receive haptic feedback during manipulation tasks.

Technology Features & Specifications

  • Pressure range: 1-500PSI, customizable
  • Glove size and shape: customizable
  • Sensor density: 0.5-10 sensor points per square centimeter, customizable
  • LED and vibration motor to indicate amplitude of sensor pressure
  • Tactile sensing glove, gripper, and gesture recognition glove can be integrated together to achieve remote manipulation
  • Sensor response time: <1us
  • Thickness: <0.3mm
  • Weight: <500g
  • Communication: USB, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi
  • Data storage: SD card
  • Working voltage: DC 3-5V
  • Power consumption: <2w

Potential Applications

A robotic gripper or prosthetic device covered with tactile sensing glove for

  • Parts grasping and assembly, and slippage or drop detection
  • Bomb and hazardous material disposal
  • Surgical operation
  • Assistive living of elderly and physically challenged individuals
  • Augmented and virtual reality environment

Customer Benefits

  • Customizable tactile sensing glove based on gripper size and shape
  • API under Windows, Linux, ROS (Robot Operating System) available for customers to develop various applications


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