Text Analytics Services and ChatBot on Cloud Services

Technology Overview

It is possible even though you are not a data expert. We need more data experts who can do know aboutours fromthe various resources like SNS,call messages, web sites and etc, With easy and intuitive interface, you can conduct analytics, extract insight, and apply the result to the business. You canleverage an integrated service from text data collection, transformation, to semantic analytics. You can execute optimized semantic analytics. You can figure out the exact meaning of the text through cluster, classification, and relation analysis that extracts semantic of whole document, structure of semantic, morpheme analysis based on dictionary.

Technology Features & Specifications

1. Automatic Collection It automatically collects and integrates data from inside and outside organization without duplication and omission, and provides high quality information that is required for the business. 2. Transformation and Classification The collected data is processed with optimized NLP engine and is automatically classified with taxonomy, ontology, and massive dictionary. 3. Semantic Analytics Easy developing ontology by industry, artificial intelligence based analytics such as reputation, relation, reputation, and ranking enable us to automatically extract insight that is required for the business.

Potential Applications

1.Marketing Company and Product Reputation Analysis/ Market, Consumer, Competition Analysis/ Individualization, Tailored Product Recommendation 2.Product Development Needs Analysis Through the voice of the consumers (VOC) / Product analysis for differentiation / New Product Development and the Portfolio for improvement and optimization 3.Improvement on Sales Competition Analysis of Products and Services/ Single View / Consumer Analysis through 360 degree analysis / Reputation Analysis 4.Chatting Robot Customer Counselling / Reservation for Hotel, Hospital, Movie Tickets etc / Product Recommendation through Communication and e-commerce through orders 5.Improvement on Services Diagnose the level of Customer’s Voice (VOC) and preparations / Analysis of counselling to obtain insights / Solution for improvement for Customer’s Voice (VOC). 6.Risk Management Prediction of Internal and External Issue / Setting of KPI standard and warnings through observation / others (Prevention of Fraud, Reduction of the Contract Judgement Period, Prediction of the Natural Disaster, Analysis of the Customer Behaviors etc)

Customer Benefits

1. More data analytics It can express easy and direct UI, modules and visualized components which can get to know business insights with Big Data. 2. Quick Construction and Low Cost Investment It can get to save initial infrastructure and operating cost, because it automatically contains all integrated with components from collecting non-structured data, classification, and context analysis to visualization. 3. Covering process of Big Data In terms of processing of huge non-structured data, Reliability and stability is big key point. Itcan promptly react to quick response time and speed analysis reporting by In-Memory technology and massive data process intechnology based on Hadoop™ 4. Context Analysis It has specific features through morpheme analysis/ classification based on dictionary (Korean, English, Chinese, etc) In addition to providing to cluster, correlation using statistical modeling.

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