Tracheostomy Mask Connector- Optimising the Efficacy of Nebulization

Technology Overview

In hospital or medical settings, a patient or subject may be prescribed with medication in vapour or gaseous form. The medication may be administered by passing a fluid or gas to interact with a liquid medication. The liquid medication in liquid form is typically provided in a calibrated dose and contained in a misting container or chamber. The fluid or gas is passed into or through the misting chamber for the liquid medication to interact or react with the fluid or gas. The final medication in vapour or gaseous form is then typically provided to the patient or subject using a mask or respirator. Therefore, the misting chamber is connected to the subject.

The connector promotes effective nebulization with its unique angle, keeping the nebulization chamber in an optimum position for patients who are not able to sit upright unassisted.

Technology Features & Specifications

A connector device for providing fluid communication between a mask and a misting chamber is provided, where the connector device comprising an inlet portion configured to couple to a misting chamber, an outlet portion configured to couple to a mask, and the inlet portion and the outlet portion is disposed at a first angle to an axis parallel to the body portion.

Potential Applications

There is currently no suitable products available in the market that could assist in nebulization for the tracheostomy patients who are bed-ridden and unable to sit upright unassisted. Hence, this technology can be applied to all tracheostomy patients who are on room air in various settings, such as hospitals, nursing homes, and under homecare.

Customer Benefits

It has been recognized that a problem may arise in a scenario where a subject’s body is unable to be positioned upright on a chair/bed surface.  The connector ensures optimisation and maximum capacity in medication delivery when nebulization is performed on tracheostomy patients who are unable to sit upright unassisted. The device enhances efficient and reliable medication delivery to patients and reduces the risks of life-threatening episodes that result from blockage of airways due to thick mucus and phlegm.

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