Transportation Analytics: from Algorithms to Apps

Technology Overview

Singapore s economy has been expanding in recent years at an impressive rate. Such expansion leads to a tremendous demand for goods deliveries. Logistics companies face the challenge of disseminating numerous deliveries in a reliable and consistent manner along the frequently congested transportation network. Taxi companies also have to keep improving their fleets to meet high expectations from consumers in terms of level of service in light of increased demand.

We have learnt through discussions with several local logistics/taxi companies that the current practices rarely incorporate data-driven models for day-to-day operations. To tackle this problem, we aim to develop solutions that can help drivers and operators make sense of information from various sources (current traffic conditions, predicted traffic conditions, weather data, accidents, etc). 

We have developed various data-driven tools for estimating traffic conditions from noisy GPS probes. We also provide solutions for efficiently compressing traffic data and imputing missing traffic information. Other tools involve mobile app based solutions for large-scale traffic prediction. Logistics and taxi companies can use these core tools to build useful mobile and desktop applications for their businesses. In addition to these tools, we have also developed analytical tools for transit systems.

Technology Features & Specifications

We have developed a mobile app that provides short-term future traffic conditions to the end users. The app also shows real-time information about weather conditions and road incidents/accidents. In addition to that, we have software solutions to help the companies estimate traffic conditions in real-time with the help of their probe vehicles. Additional features include a software solution for real-time traffic prediction for large networks.

Our solutions can also help the companies dealing with intelligent transportation systems (ITS) to efficiently store large amounts of traffic datasets.

We also offer a simulator for industrial estates. This software can simulate both factory operations and transportation infrastructure and can prove highly useful for planning of industrial estates. This software can also help the estate managers to optimize their operations and provide guidance for expansion and development.

Potential Applications

  • Individual Users: Avoiding traffic congestion during daily commutes
  • Taxi/Logistics Companies: Anticipate traffic conditions
  • LTA/Public Transport Entities: Better optimization of resources

Market Trends and Opportunities

Recently, with availability of sensor data for traffic conditions, taxi and logistics companies are increasingly moving towards data-driven solutions to improve the operational efficiency of their businesses. Our software solutions can help these companies to achieve those goals.

Customer Benefits

  • Individual Users: Save time during daily commutes
  • Taxi/Logistics Companies: Increased customer satisfaction via avoiding traffic congestions
  • LTA/Public Transport Entities: Improved productivity from optimization of resources

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