Transported Mass Calculation by Ultrasonic Telemeter

Technology Overview

We have developed an ultrasonic telemeter to estimate the load of a vehicle via ultrasonic feedback. The ultrasonic telemeter measures the crushing of the suspension, while the unique algorithm is designed to deduce the transported mass. After that, the information is transmitted via Bluetooth to mobile application for load estimation. The device is designed to be easily installed under the chassis of a vehicle and resist to strong constraints. Relevant for overload alerts, consumption calculation, goods tracking.

Technology Features & Specifications

Our ultrasonic telemeter comprises

  • 2 waterproof ultrasonic sensors
  • Weather sensor (temperature and hygrometry)
  • Accelerometer
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for communications
  • Waterproof casing with strong glue for easy installation
  • Battery powered
  • Calculation of transported mass using our designed algorithm
  • Programmable alerts when the transported mass exceed the threshold
  • Mobile application for retrieval of measurements
  • Accuracy of up to 10% of payload

Potential Applications

Our ultrasonic telemeter measures the transported mass in a vehicle. It is especially useful in shipping industries. It helps to estimate the load in a cargo lorry and delivery truck. The device will alert the staff/driver when the load exceeds the load limitation, protecting the vehicle from overloading, in which overloading will destroy the mechanical parts of a vehicle, as well as threaten the safety of the driver and goods.

The service is also relevant for fleet managers. The load information makes the consumption calculation more accurate. Statistics can be done on how drivers drive, where goods where delivered. Overload alert prevents management from legal proceedings.

Customer Benefits

The device can be easily and securely installed under the chassis of an existing fleet of vehicles.

It ensures the transported mass in a vehicle is not overloading, ensuring the mechanical parts of vehicle is not destroyed, the driver and the goods are safe, and the management is protected from legal proceedings.

It is easy to use, in which the load calculation will be performed by a mobile application and synchronized on an online platform for fleet managers to get the alarms and load information. 

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