Tri-State Electrochromic Device - Modulation between Transparent, Color and Mirror

Technology Overview

Our technology features a three state optical modulation between transparent, color and mirror appearance of a given surface, primarily on glass substrates. The switching between the three states can be triggered by a small voltage application. The versatile electrochromic device allows user to enjoy outdoor view in transparent state, blocking of sunlight in colored state and reflective finish in mirror state. It can offer additional light management capability compared to the solid state electrochromics. This technology is promising for the optical modulation of building façade and fenestration, in reducing energy consumption for in-door air conditioning, creating interactive visual displays on glass or façade decoration for interior designers to create space and light interaction.

Technology Features & Specifications

The technology features a smart glass installation that controls light transmittance in three different states via an application of small voltage. The maximum operational voltage required is -1.8V. This device has transmittance modulation of 80% and reflectance modulation of 60%. The device can switch within 60s to reach both the colored and mirror states. It has prolonged power-free colored and mirror states which are beneficial for energy conservation application for green buildings and electronic devices.

Potential Applications

The tristate electrochromic device could find potential applications in energy saving smart windows for building facades. Conventional electrochromic devices are limited to switchability between transparent and colored states, whilepolymer dispersed liquid crystal devices can only offer switchability between transparent and opaque states. With this tristate electrochromic device, user canhave switchability between transparent, colored, and mirror states. Besides, this device can also be used as the auto-dimming, rearview mirror display for the automobile industry. It provides dimming to the drivers when driving at night to reduce the glare from other vehicles’ headlights. It can also function as electronic display at the same time.

Customer Benefits

This versatile electrochromic device allows user to have active control of the device. The colored state provides indoor comfort to the occupants by blocking the sunlight and heat. Hence, this technology can reduce the air-conditioning usage and conserve the energy consumption of the buildings, as only very low electrical potential is required to execute the colored state. The mirror state can function as privacy glass as well.

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