Triple-Fluid Finned Double Tube Heat Exchanger

Technology Overview

This invention discloses a novel heat exchanger configuration, which efficiently transfers heat between three different fluids while having compact structure. Thermal processes involving heat exchange between three working mediums can be benefitted from this design.

Technology Features & Specifications

The invention is a finned double tube heat exchanger which is a combination of finned tube heat exchanger and double tube heat exchanger. It consists of small middle tubes which are inserted into big tubes, big tubes which are bigger than middle tubes, fins which are attached on the exterior of the big tubes, and several manifold headers to distribute the flows. Small middle tubes are placed inside of big tubes to form annular tubes configuration.

Potential Applications

Data center cooling; air conditioning

Market Trends and Opportunities

Liquid cooling technologies are used in data centres with high computational load. However, it is more energy and cost efficient to use liquid to absorb part of the heat generated than all of it, and leave the rest of the heat being handled by air cooling. This invention can be used to replace the rear door heat exchanger of data centre racks. It can be fitted to the rear door of data centre racks, and transfer heat between supply coolant which flows in the annular tube and server coolant which flows in the middle tube, as well as between supply coolant and rack air which flows around the tubes and fins. By this mean, the server coolant can be cooled down before it is pumped into servers to cool down the CPU, GPU and other main heat sources, while rack air also being cooled down before it is drawn into servers to cool down other heat sources in servers.

Another end use is waste heat recovery of finned tube heat exchanger, e.g. condenser coil in air conditioning unit. The novel design can simply replace normal condenser coils with refrigerant flowing in the annular tube, ambient air flowing around the tubes and fins, and liquid/ two-phase flow that is harvesting waste heat flowing in the middle tube. By this mean, the novel condenser coil dissipates heat and harvests waste heat at the same time with a compact profile.

Customer Benefits

  • Efficiently transfers heat between three different fluids
  • Compact structure

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