Ultralow-Power AI Visual Sensor for Battery Operated & IoT Applications

Technology Overview

This technology offer is an always-on artificial intelligence (AI) visual sensor that consumes less than 1 mW of power, and is suitable for use in next-generation, battery-operated smart camera systems. The design combines an ultralow-power image sensor with a custom computer vision application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC). It runs optimised machine-learning (ML) algorithms on the edge, without the need to stream images to the cloud. This allows for quicker response times and privacy protection.

Technology Features & Specifications

IoT System-on-Chip (SOC):

  • Extremely efficient ML algorithm
  • Human detection, face detection and recognition, people counting, etc.
  • Efficient processing of low-resolution images
  • Less than 2 MB memory footprint
  • Less than 1mW always-on mode
  • Cost/power efficiency
  • Computer vision hardware accelerators

 CMOS Sensors:

  • Less than 1 mW always-on monitoring
  • qVGA/VGA for IoT
  • HD RGB/IR for Notebooks

Potential Applications

  • Security: AI enhancement of smart cameras
  • Smart Home: Human sensors and smart motion detection
  • Notebook: Always-on sensors of human face/presence
  • Smart Buildings: Occupancy and people counting
  • Consumer Appliances: Human presence
  • Automotive: Access control and security
  • Industrial: Computer vision sensors
  • Elderly: Fall and imbalance detection

Customer Benefits

The system’s ultralow-power design, unique image processing pipeline and hardware accelerators allows battery-operated, AI image processing at the edge. As such, a wide range of design possibilities and applications are enabled.

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