Using Radio Frequency Beamforming to support Battery-less Wearable

Technology Overview

This technology harvests Radio Frequency (RF) energy while supporting gesture tracking applications that require energy-intensive inertial sensors. This is an infrastructure-assisted energy harvesting paradigm, where a ubiquitously deployed RF infrastructure will significantly improve harvesting power, by employing state-of-the-art techniques for device-free user localization and beamforming directional packet transmission.

Preliminary experimental results suggest that these techniques may be able to support an intelligent, triggered mode of gesture recognition.

Technology Features & Specifications

This technology comprises of RF-based energy harvesting, direction estimation of RF signal (Arrival of Angle-AoA) and beamforming using multi-antenna access point.

Using a 6-antenna access point (100mW/antenna), the system can transfer energy to our battery-free wearable device within 2.5m. The wearable devices comprise of an accelerometer working at 10Hz and an RF-front end to transmit sensor data back to our server. The AoA technology will be integrated into the next generation of our system to track user direction and change the energy beam dynamically.

Multiple antennas are used to control the focusing direction of the RF to increase the energy through super-positioning, toward a specific direction.

Potential Applications

This technology presents a solution to overloading of sockets and can be applied in various industries such as:

  • Mobile electronics – headphones, smartphones, tablets, smart watches etc.
  • Personal devices – hearing aids, medical monitors, electric razors etc.
  • Computer accessories – keyboards, mouse, webcams etc.
  • Home appliances – decorative lighting, fire alarm, Wi-Fi routers, television remotes etc.

This solution caters to devices that require trickle charging, providing a wireless alternative to charging multiple daily necessities over a socket.

Customer Benefits

This is the first RF powered wearable which can operate on RF technology without the removal of the wearable device. This technology integrates AoA and Beamforming technology to support energy-hungry sensors and wireless communication to further enhance wearables

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