UV Chip – A New Paradigm in UV Light Sources

Technology Overview

Chip-scale UV light source is a new revolution in the disinfection field. Many applications, impeded by size constraints, performance limitations and high cost of existing UV light sources, now become possible utilizing this new and sustainable technology. With its unrivaled germicidal performance, immediate startup, very low temperature dependence and small size, this innovative UV chip for disinfection of water, air and surfaces is a game changer! It opens up new market segments and enables a wider use of easy disinfection in consumer products. The groundbreaking UV chip technology has been developed with low cost and high volume in mind. Manufacturing is done using wafer-scale manufacturing principles, where vast numbers of devices are manufactured at the same time, resulting in a highly scalable production while using methods that are affordable to customers. Chip-scale UV facilitates the launch of small, disinfection units embedded in numerous appliances. Drinking fountains, small air conditioners, fridges, dishwashers, water taps – can all benefit significantly from this innovation. With first product delivering 20mW of UV output power using a bare 20x20mm foot print and more versions to come, the stage is set to change the perception and way of thinking about UV disinfection.

Technology Features & Specifications

This unique and sustainable UV Chip technology has several competitive advantages. The key technology advantages and featuresare: Advanced Nanotechnology Sustainable - 100% mercury free Immediate turn-on/turn-off (<1ms) Higher energy efficiency and much higher output power than UVC-LEDs Wide temperature range from minus 20 to + 100oC Bacterial reduction by 99.999999%

Potential Applications

The focused applications for this sustainable UV Chip technology are UV disinfection of water, air and surfaces. Its performance opens up new applications and possibilities that will contribute to a better environment. Application Examples are: Point-of-Use (POU) and Point-of-Entry (POE) water disinfection systems Air conditioners Drinking fountains Surface disinfection systems Appliances Fridges Dishwashers Curing of lacquer and materials

Customer Benefits

Features and Benefits: 100% mercury free Sustainable technology and enables new applications Immediate turn-on/turn-off (<1ms) Lower operational costs Higher energy efficiency and much higher output power than UVC-LEDs Dramatically lower system cost Wide temperature range from minus 20 to + 100oC Simplifies system design and reduces system cost Bacterial reduction by 100 Million times (99.999999%, log 8) Safest possible disinfection

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