UWB Module

Technology Overview

We offer two kinds of UWB modules. One is a UWB transceiver module which simply transmits and receives impulse UWB. The other is a UWB transceiver module which baseband function integrated. Employing the UWB module, system design could be done with less iteration cycles.

Both of them can be used worldwide by simply changing band pass filters.

Technology Features & Specifications

UWB module

・Impulse UWB generation triggered by digital signal

・Digital pulse output from received UWB signal

・Analog output

・Embedded switch

・Power down function

・On board thermal sensor

UWB module with Baseband

・Ease of RTLS system configuration   

・Available for anchor and for tag

・Data transmission function

・Power down function

・On board thermal sensor

・SPI or parallel interface

・Libraries for Raspberry Pi, Arduino is to be provided

Potential Applications

Real Time Location System (RTLS)

・Since precise propagation time can be detected with impulse UWB, the system achieves accurate ranging measurement.

Data transmission system

・Transmit and receive the data at 133MHz PRF (Pulse Repetition Frequency).

Medical equipment / Healthcare equipment

・Ultra low power (-41.3 dBm/MHz) is superior in no interference to other machines and non-invasive to human body. And so, UWB technology is suitable for medical equipment and healthcare appliances applications

Customer Benefits

System developers without RF knowledge will be able to develop UWB application systems easily, employing either UWB module or UWB Module with Baseband . System developers can thus concentrate on their application system development.

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