UWB Radar

Technology Overview

Impulse UWB technology is traditionally used as long range UWB radar, primarily for military applications.

This technology offering is short range and high resolution radar using frequency range and emission power which is certified for commercial use.     

This radar transmits data packet using Impulse UWB and receives reflected data from target object. Time difference is used to calculate the distance to the object.

Through measured distance data analysis, microscopic movement could translated into respiration, heart rate and body movements.

Transmitter antenna and receiver antenna are critical components to achieve sufficient gain and isolation. So various types of antennas have been developed and are still being developed to conform with each application.

Technology Features & Specifications

Current prototype achieves less than 1mm measurement accuracy and up to 12m measurement distance.

Measured distance data can be retrieved to customers' system through ethernet connection or USB connection. Wireless connection is ready for design per customer request.

We offer customized UWB radar to conform with customers' requirements and applications.

Various types of antennas are available, or are being developed, targeting various applications.

Potential Applications

Potential application areas are,

1.      Bed Side Sensor for elderly care houses and hospitals to relief staff’s overload

2.      Driver’s Health Condition Monitor for irregularity early warning of heart attack or other diseases

3.      In Line Foreign Material Detection for detection of foreign materials inside of raw materials on conveyer lines

4.      Security Monitor for invasion detector

5.      Safety/Health Monitor for bathrooms or toilets, which protects the privacy of users since no cameras are used

Customer Benefits

  1. Workload reduction for elderly care facility

  2. Workload reduction for hospital patrol

  3. Prevention of car accidents

  4. Security, Safety and Health monitor with privacy protection

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