UWB (Ultra Wide Band) Chipset and the Application Examples

Technology Overview

We are a global leader in developing Impulse UWB (Ultra Wide Band) technologies and the applications. We provide complete solutions from Chipset, Board Assembly and related Software.

We offer competitive UWB solutions, such as High Resolution Real Time Location System, High Resolution Short Range Radar and Non Destructive Inspection System. We are looking for potential customers and collaboration partners who can work with us to market our Products worldwide. Application Software and Embedded Software development partners are welcome to work together.

Impulse UWB has broad areas of application opportunities because of its unique time domain behavior. The alternate UWB implementation MB-OFDM (Multiband-Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex) focused on short range high speed data transfer has been largely abandoned because of its complexity and high power consumption. Impulse UWB is now recognized as a promising technology in the application area of Localizer and Radar.

Technology Features & Specifications

There are three (3) representative regions for UWB regulations worldwide which are USA (3.1GHz to 10.6GHz), Japan (7.25GHz-10.25GHz) and EU (6.0GHz-8.5GHz) and we provide solutions for all the regions. Emission level is -41.3dBm/MHz (70nW/MHz) maximum. Standard data rate is set as 50Mbps for most of applications. Maximum data rate is up to 133Mbps (limited by FPGA performance). Our offering is UWB based System, UWB module and UWB antenna along with UWB Chipset.

The accuracy of Localizer is less than 5cm with ranging over 100 times per second.  Radar accuracy is less than 1mm movement.

Potential Applications

High speed, high resolution Localizer could be employed in forklift and worker movement monitoring, flow optimization, Hazardous zone detection, Flexible AGV route control, UAV auto navigation and much more.

High resolution short range Radar could be employed as bed side sensor, automobile driver health monitor, room invasion sensor and foreign material detection.

Customer Benefits

High resolution Localizer provides operational cost reduction, safety improvement and traceability improvement. For high resolution Radar, bed side sensor results QOL (quality of life) improvement for patients since it is cable free, automobile driver monitor enhances driver’s safety and room invasion sensor enhances home/office security.

Finally, by employing UWB technology, customers will get cost effective solutions in various areas such as factories, warehouses, production lines, hospitals, care facilities, offices, schools, in automobiles and home.

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