Value Added Agricultural Waste Valorisation

Technology Overview

The company aims to add value to agriculture, making it greaner, and reducing the extent of waste and byproducts resulting from our food production. It strives to do so without impinging on the food supply itself. The developed processes take waste and byproducts from agriculture and agriculture processing and upgrade them to value added products. The products that can be produce span from organic fertilizers for crops to food additives made from natural extracts to animal feed. The company is seeking industrial partners to develop new value added agricultural based products.

Technology Features & Specifications

  1. Animal Feed
    1. High conversion ratio, non-synthetic, non-hormonal ingredients to improve animal husbandry
    2. We can offer fats and protein sources
    3. Help you deal with your waste products
  2. Lecithin products for your feed, food, nutritional and pharmaceutical formulation needs
    1. High purity lecithins
    2. Customized lecithin products
    3. Lecithinated blends for boutique applications
  3. Organic Fertillizer
    1. Decomposition accelerators
    2. Biopesticides 

Potential Applications

For each of the items listed in the technology features, respectively:

  1. Feed lots for animal feed
  2. Feed mills manufacturing compound feed
  3. Emulsification and nutrition
    1. Commercial bakers
    2. Molecular gastronomy
    3. Instant food and beverage manufacturers
    4. Pharmaceutical and Nutritional product manufacturers
  4. Organic horticulture
    1. Organic growers
    2. Gardens & Homes
    3. Animal Feed Lots keen on disposing off their waste.

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