Versatile Magnetic/optical Device for Advanced Nanotherapies

Technology Overview

Our researchers have developed a new low cost device that allows the simultaneous or sequential induction of both magnetic and optical hyperthermia. For use in local treatments, this is the first time these two heat induction mechanisms have been combined into a single device. Non-invasive nanotermoetry can also be achieved with the device.

Technology Features & Specifications

Advanced nanotherapies require sophisticated actuation and control methods. This device sees magnetic and optical heat induction mechanisms brought together in a single device that allows their sequential and simultaneous application. It can find additional uses in nanothermometry for the non-invasive monitoring of local temperature variations in real time, and in the controlled release of drugs from nanostructures.

The technology further provides a solution to the ongoing search for the nanostructures suitable for advanced nanotherapies allowing detailed magneto-optical characterisation of candidate structures

Potential Applications

  • Combined magnetic/optical hyperthermia treatment
  • Temperature-controlled drug release and monitoring
  • Nanostructure characterisation
  • Non-invasive nanothermometry

Market Trends and Opportunities

Nanotherapies applications are growing and there's a need of new devices that ad features to the existing ones with new actuation systems an a more precise control of the treatment.

Customer Benefits

  • Full control over two heat induction mechanisms in a single device
  • Real-time monitoring and control of local temperature and drug release
  • Non-invasive thermometry for hard-to-reach areas
  • More precise, more easily reproducible nanotherapies


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