Vietnamese Low Cost and High Performance PCR-related Technology Platform

Technology Overview

Molecular biology technique, especially PCR or molecular photocopying can be used in a wide variety of research purposes. For example DNA cloning for sequencing, DNA-based phylogeny, or functional analysis of genes; the diagnosis of hereditary diseases; the identification of genetic fingerprints; and the detection and diagnosis of infectious diseases. However, in some countries, PCR is still not developed as its expectation because of high cost in both chemicals or reagents and equipment. To allow the extensive use of this molecular methods, nowadays people strongly focusing on the development of new PCR-related technology platform which is less expensive and high performance. In order that, PCR could be used as a routine work in many activities.

Technology Features & Specifications

The technology features, specifications and advantages of the technology platform is as follows:

- First Class of Oligonucleotide / Primer synthesis Support validated in the world

- State of art Oligonucleotide / Primer Production and Purification

- Compact and movable PCR-related equipment

- Low cost equipment: PCR machine and Electrophoresis system ($1000 each).

Potential Applications

Investigation of $2000 for PCR machine and Electrophoresis system, people can buy get a POC system for their applications.

For study PCR at high school

Help high school teenagers understand theoretical and abstract concepts of PCR in genetics and define their future orientation and to attract to biology.

For Molecular Biology Research

As PCR can be used to produce huge amounts of pure DNA samples from a limited source. Many applications in Molecular Biology Research need to use PCR. For example, DNA sequencing, DNA cloning and gene expression. Production of hybridization probes for both northern and southern blot hybridization.

POC test for disease identification in aquaculture and veterinary

Rapid detection of pathogens would be very essential for effective health management in aquaculture and veterinary. While conventional microbiological isolation methods are used in case of bacterial pathogens, histopathology is widely used to detect viral infections. However, these methods are time consuming and lack sensitivities to detect latent pathogens. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) on the other hand is highly sensitive and rapid and can be used to detect latent pathogens.

Customer Benefits

One-stop shopping with low cost and high performance of PCR reagents and equipment.  Typically, the equipment could be maintained within 7 days only in Viet Nam region.

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