Virtual SIM Management Platform

Technology Overview

This cloud based virtual SIM management platform removes the physical SIM card from mobile devices and places it in the cloud. The platform is then able to dynamically assign any SIM card to the mobile device based on criteria such as time, location and coverage, cost and other preferences. Our platform minimizes the cost and effort of managing connectivity as well deployment and security for large fleets of connected devices. SIM cards are being managed and assigned to devices from a centralized location opening up a range of new and innovative solutions.

Technology Features & Specifications

The virtual SIM management platform manages all vSIM enabled connected devices such as our vSIM portable Hotspot and vSIM cover, that brings the virtual SIM capability to the iPhone. Additionally this platform is available as an SDK to be easily integrated directly into any connected IoT device's chipset as well as directly into the Smartphone at the manufacturing stage, thereby creating a software only solution, without additional hardware requirements.

Potential Applications

Dynamic APIs allow partners to build customer specific solutions on top of our virtual SIM management platform, enabling them to create innovative mobility management solutions, thereby creating new business opportunities. Current applications built with this platform include: Mobile roaming, mobile data roaming with our vSIM portable hotspot, mobile voice recording and connectivity management for IoT.

Market Trends and Opportunities

The SIM Problem:

In 2016 the physical SIM is well past its “used by” date. All market participants are stifled in one way or another by physical SIMs. The Individual cell phone subscriber market is saturated and the mobile industry is suffering from declining ARPUs. Looking for growth, it is focusing on large-scale IoT deployments that are forecast to reach 2.4B connections by 2024. In IoT, the physical SIM’s drawbacks are compounded and magnified by the economics of deployment:

Revenue - ARPU is dropping, billions of dollars are still spent on SIM Cards. How about logistics?

Logistics and Cost - for deployments numbering in the tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) cellular units need to be as low cost as possible

Managed Mobility - global installations can’t suffer the costs, limitations and operational complexity of being permanently bound to one Mobile Network Operator (MNO).

Customer Benefits

Current applications our partners can build on top of the virtual SIM management platform include but are not limited to:

  • Mobile Voice and Data Roaming
  • Mobile Voice Recording
  • M2M - IoT
  • Connectivity management

The benefits for partners and customers are:

  • Flexible Connectivity Provisioning
  • Ad-hoc SIM and Operator Switching – remotely, anytime, anywhere
  • Supply Chain Simplification
  • Resource Sharing
  • Increased Bargaining Power
  • Increased Security
  • Extended Domestic Coverage
  • Eliminate Voice, Data Roaming and International Call Charges

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