Visitor Behaviour and Flow Analysis

Technology Overview

Based on Deep Learning, this digital solution detects (including demographics such as age range and gender), counts, tracks and analyzes flow in spaces with busy traffic through video cameras. Data is kept all secured and anonymous.


  • Detection and counting: Our solution is able to detect gender, age, and count every shopper entering a mall.
  • Customer behaviour: Within the building, the solution detects people and builds a heat map to help visualize the popular areas, visitor path or heavy traffic.
  • Data analysis: Our solution provide a user-friendly analytics platform which can be customized depending on your needs.

Technology Features & Specifications

Module 1: People profile - Counting & Age/Gender distribution 

  • Detect and count people
  • Able to give age/gender distribution accordingly

Module 2: People behaviour - Heatmap

  • Report people behaviour with heatmaps as a comprehensive synthesis

Module 3: Dashboards and charts

  • Access to charts and pie charts for the best report possible
  • Map edition and area management
  • Export data for corporate presentations

Potential Applications

Business cases:

  • Retail for customer behaviour
  • Mall/property management for traffic flow
  • Factories, industry, construction sites for workers tracking 
  • Safety solutions for construction sites (e.g. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) detection)
  • Queue management for retail activities
  • Underage persons detection
  • Any other venue with daily people traffic  

Market Trends and Opportunities

In the retail market, using deep analytics allows the user to have further understanding of their visitor's profile and targeted consumers. In other industries, such as construction sites, the deployment of the solution contributes to real-time management such as behaviour monitoring and safety alert. The solution can be leveraged to optimize and empower marketing strategies. 

Customer Benefits

Shopping mall manager

  • Understand shopper's profile, improve space-use efficiency, increase traffic and evaluate the impact of a new marketing strategies

Store manager

  • Understand customers' profiles, optimize marketing strategies and evaluate the impact of ads or product displays


  • Improve shopper experience, enjoy smooth navigation and receive personalized information

Other Benefits

  • Space-use efficiency 
  • Marketing actions impact evaluation
  • People profile synthesis
  • Safety solution
  • Emergency exit recommendations

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