Visitor Profile Analysis & Targeted Advertising via Computer Vision

Technology Overview

Our R&D products are based on computer vision and machine learning. This technology utilised our expertise on facial recognition to collect customer morphological features to detect users’ profiles, customize content, or obtain realtime data through cameras.

We provide an SDK and a cloud-based solution able to detect facial features of people in front of a camera, by analyzing the video feed in realtime.

The solution is able to track multiple faces and detect gender, some emotions, age range and accessories such as glasses for each detected face.

Our technology enables the following:

  • Improving ad targeting in apps
  • Collecting anonymous data about users
  • Customizing the rendering of an app
  • Create new user experience

Technology Features & Specifications

Gender detection

  • Able to detect whether individual is a man or a woman in realtime

Age estimation

  • Obtain an age estimation and determine the required accuracy of the age estimation in order to meet users' goals

Emotion detection

  • Smile, Surprise, Neutrality, Disgust. Enables detection of the real effect of contents on viewers

Accessories detection

  •  Able to detect accessories such as eyeglasses, a moustache, or any other accessories

Multiple face detection

  • Able to detect more than one face at a time


  • Gathering metrics and data about customers / visitors, without bothering them in filling up forms

Potential Applications

  • Targeted advertising in retail
  • People profiling in realtime updates
  • Face-based recognition safety solution

Customer Benefits

  • Real time processing 
  • Access to analytics
  • Easy-to-use and available API

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