Warehouse Robot-Agnostic Controller

Technology Overview

With increasing reliance on robots within 4 walled environments for picking and the like, the task of robotics fleet has increased significantly in difficulty. Traditional robotics fleet management systems are system agnostic and do not account for dynamic changes on the ground. Our robot agnostic system that allows for superior fleet optimization for warehouse robots in route planning, job allocation and decision making in potential gridlock situations. 

Technology Features & Specifications

Robot agnostic controller software integrated into a traditional robotics fleet manager that optimizes current functions such as path planning, job assignment, fleet charging and pick operations. Additional features that arise from our robot agnostic controller include real-time dynamic re-planning of paths, dynamic re-assignment of jobs, deadlock-free movements of robotics fleet of up to 100 robots and flexible configurations with other complimentary software. Suitable for use for human-robot operations or full robotics fleet operations. Suitable for integration into various robotics fleet manager platforms and across different robotics fleets interacting with one another in the same environment. 

Potential Applications

Robotic fleets within manufacturing and logistics environment that require human robot interactions and different robot-to-robot interaction. 

Market Trends and Opportunities

Increasing shift to robots complementing labour-intensive tasks such as picking or transportation within manufacturing facilities. Increasing need to have integration between robots of different purposes and makes within the same environment in order to create seamless interaction and management. 

Customer Benefits

Optimized robotics fleet management that is robotic-agnostic rather than software agnostic. Allows for the execution of real-time and dynamic reallocation of jobs and paths for robots specific to individual robot. Robot agnostic software allows for independent manuvering of robots based on their real-time situation instead of pre-planned routes i.e. in the event of unexpected occurrences like breakdowns, allowing for a deadlock free environment.  

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