Weight Reduction in Solid Surface Materials

Technology Overview

Solid Surface materials are man-made materials that are typically made of a combination of resin, pigments and fillers. They are commonly used as countertops as alternatives to natural stones such as granite and marble, and engineered stones and quartz as they can be manufactured to be of a similar appearance.

To aid in the ease of installation and to reduce handling and transportation costs, partial substitution with carefully selected fillers may be carried out. The weight of pieces manufactured from Solid Surface materials may be reduced by up to 23 %. Mechanical properties such as flexion are maintained.

This solution based on the careful selection and study of new low-density fillers, and adaptations of process parameters, offers the possibility of adding value to the product and developing new Solid Surface materials applications.

Technology Features & Specifications

  • AIMPLAS, as a reference R&D centre in Solid Surface, can assist in the replacement of fillers with other lighter ones so that up to 23 % of weight savings in the product may be achieved.
  • AIMPLAS offers a customized solution based on the study of new low-density fillers, the adaptation of our intensive mixer to the client’s process parameters, casting of the parts and characterization of the parts by means of the solid density test.
  • The weight reduction of the products offers you the possibility of adding value to the client’s product and developing new Solid Surface applications.

Potential Applications

The reduced weight Solid Surface material may be used in a number of applications such as:

  • Light weight replacement of granite, engineered stone countertops
  • Used as light weight options in applications where weight is an issue, e.g. recreational vehicles, boats and marine usage

Customer Benefits

  • Weight reduction leading to reduced handling costs
  • Allows for modifiable densities that may open up new application possibilities.

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