Wellness Monitor via Human Skin Gases

Technology Overview

Trace gases emitting from human skin surface has been inviting considerable attentions as a potential non-invasive biomarker of individual physical or physiological status. These gases consist of ammonia, acetaldehyde, acetone acetic acid and so on, are synthesized by internal metabolism or bacterial activities on the surface. The researchers have developed a novel human skin gas sampler known as Passive Flux Sampler (PFS) that monitors the health and wellness of its users. This technology is a simple non-invasive monitoring device and is suitable for non-medical professionals to get a quick check on their wellness based on quantifying the gasses emitted from the skin surface. The prototypes of the PFS will be available for demonstration at the exhibitor s booth.

Technology Features & Specifications

  1. The PFS is a simple device make up of a sampler body, a trapping filter and stoppers which is easy to manufacture at low cost.
  2. When the PFS sampler is placed on the surface of skin, it is able to collect the trace gaseous substance caused by internal metabolism or bacterial activities on the skin.
  3. The collected gases are then identified and quantified by various analytical methods such as colorimetric, HPLC, GCMS, etc.
  4. The composition of the gaseous substances acts as potential non-invasive biomarker of individual physical or physiological status of the user.

Features of the Passive Flux Sampler (PFS) include:

• Non-invasive

• Simple

• Quantitative

• High-throughput

• Easy-to-use measurements

Potential Applications

Some potential applications include:

Medical Application - Early detection of disease, Monitoring of cure process

Daily Health Check - Alcohol checker, Stress indicator, Detection of excess diet

Human Identification - Sensory human skin gas pattern analysis

Market Trends and Opportunities

The research team is seeking licensing or co-developing partners to bring this technology to market.

Customer Benefits

Alcohol Intake Detector - Acetaldehyde is well known as a metabolite of ethyl alcohol. When acetaldehyde aemanated from skin surface was measured by PFS-HPLC method, the results showed the emission fluxes of 8 volunteers varied after drinking with some peaks even after 14 hours from the drinking.

Fasting Monitoring - Acetone is a member of ketone bodies which are products of the metabolic reaction of fatty acids when there is low blood glucose. Emission fluxes of dermal acetone of two healthy volunteers were measured by the PFS-HPLC method and markedly influenced by the period of fasting.

Fatigue Indicator - Ammonia is a product of the metabolic reaction of protein. Since its emission is enhanced by daily hard work or exercise, ammonia will be a possible biomarker for fatigue. The reserachers have developed a colorimetric indicator which responds to ammonia gas with a color change from yellow to red.

Deodorant Performance Evaluation- PFS is also used for evaluation of performance of deodorant applied to minimize the body odor emanating from human skin surface.

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