Wi-Fi based Indoor Positioning System

Technology Overview

This Indoor Location System is equipped with the capability of locating any device which is Wi-Fi enabled, in an indoor space where the Wi-Fi infrastructure is already in place. This technology does not demand any additional cost in terms of Wi-Fi infrastructure and also the individual battery power of the client devices. The technology works by analysing the uplink transmissions that any WiFi-enabled mobile device makes to the neighbouring WiFi APs. It provides accuracies typically in the range of 6-8 meters, works with most products from popular WiFi vendors,  and the location information refreshes every 10-20 seconds. Thus, unlike client-side indoor location systems that support only some mobile devices, our technology supports all the Wi-Fi enabled client devices irrespective of their make, model or OS.

Technology Features & Specifications

The technology comprises of a WiFi fingerprint-based location system which has an initial phase of WiFi fingerprinting of the areas of interest (AOI), followed by the real-time location tracking. Our solution includes custom code to

(a) transform the layout of the indoor space into a set of landmark coordinates, and

(b) process incoming WiFi RF measurements in real-time to provide concurrent location updates for thousands of mobile clients.

Our solution provides:

(a) an accuracy of about 6 to 8 meters within the indoor spaces with a reasonable Wi-Fi infrastructure;

(b) a location refresh latency between 10sec-3mins, depending on the configuration of the WiFi infrastructure.

Potential Applications

This technology may be used by the following market segments:

Venue partners/owners

·         To track any device for various applications

·         To understand how space is being utilised

Other companies/ partners

·         Those who are interested in licencing the technology for offices, hotels etc. to support location-aware applications

System integrations/Smart Nation vendors:

·         To integrate real-time in-building visitor location tracking and awareness in public sector applications, across domains such as security, energy management and operations optimisation.

Customer Benefits

This technology may be used by the following mark segments:

·         Venue partners/owners

·         Other companies/partners

The benefits include:

·         No additional cost on the infrastructure and on the individual mobile devices

·         Supports all devices with Wi-Fi enabled

·         Accuracy of 6 – 8 meters

·         Able to locate all Wi-Fi enabled devices in the premise

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